About us:


Redcliff-House is a small business set up to create and publish awareness raising literature that bridges the information/understanding gap between the patient community and health professionals, and effectively communicates the knowledge, needs and frustrations of both. We work closely with charities and not-for- profit organisations and, when engaged to do so, undertake reviews of client’s existing written or online content, assessing for ease of use and understanding by the lay reader.


Our primary aim is to fill gaps in existing information provision; benefiting patients, healthcare professionals and those organisations providing support. By working together we aim to reduce duplication of efforts, thus saving charities and non-profits precious time, and enabling their resources to be focused elsewhere. A percentage of the profit from literature sold is donated to nominated charities and non-profit organisations.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact editor@redcliffhousepublications.com.