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mockup of dental assessment pamphlet - c
Mock up of dental assessment pamphlet -
Dentistry Assessment v1.1 Front

Author: Claire Smith


Format: Pamphlet

Language: English

Publishers: Redcliff-House Publications

Pages: 4 sides (A4)

Product dimensions:  A4 pamphlet 21cm wide x 29.7cm high

Dental assessment guidance - hEDS & HSD 

(4 page A4 pamphlet)

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'When you see your dentist for a check-up, they will first carry out an assessment/examination. Your dentist will assess your current oral health, any risk of future disease, and advise you on the care and treatment required to secure good oral health'. [1]


Before or during the check-up, your dentist may ask about your general health and any problems you have had with your teeth, mouth or gums.

You may wish to take a copy of Dental assessment guidance - hEDS & HSD with you, to hand to your dental nurse, dentist or orthodontist. The pamphlet describes specific areas for consideration in hEDS/HSD patients, which may be helpful to your dentist or orthodontist. 

Should your dentist or orthodontist refer you for dental surgery, this pamphlet can be used in combination with another in this range entitled: Pre-operative assessment guidance - hEDS and HSD, which can be viewed here:,


Produced by the author of Understanding hEDS/HSD, a publication recommended by the RCGP and used within the wider NHS, this pamphlet has been reviewed by dentists and, prior to publication, will be reviewed in its entirety by Joseph Tregaskes, Doctor of Dental Medicine and Craniofacial Pain Specialist with a special interest in EDS.  Please note that, due to it's intended use as an educational tool for health care professionals, the content is written in a style aimed primarily at healthcare professionals.

The information within this pamphlet aims to help dentists and dental anaesthetists consider the more common concerns that arise in patients with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) or hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD), and helps raise funds for the Hypermobility Syndromes Association, Ehlers-Danlos Support UK, EDS Wellness and the Ehlers-Danlos Society (a percentage of the profit from each pamphlet sold will be split between these charities and non profit organisations).

Copyright & design rights © Claire Smith, Redcliff-House Publications.

Please note:

Professional reference pamphlets, in this series from Redcliff-house Publications, are designed primarily for health professionals to use. They are reviewed by health care professionals and based on research evidence.


It is envisaged that this pamphlet will be taken by the patient to their dental/orthodontist practice and handed to the dental nurse, dentist or orthodontist.  The pamphlet can then be held on file for the information of those involved in the patient's treatment.

About Us: Redcliff-House is a small business set up to raise awareness of poorly recognised and under-diagnosed disorders such as hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hypermobility spectrum disorder and associated conditions. Our aim is to design awareness raising materials and publish literature that fill gaps in existing information provision - benefiting patients and healthcare professionals. A percentage of the profit from literature sold is donated to nominated EDS/HSD charities and non-profit organisations. By working together, we aim to eliminate the duplication of efforts and save charities and non-profits precious funds and time.


For more info on pre-operative assessment, please visit: 


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