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Pilates Without Tears 


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'A 5-step no pain, no strain strategy to move and feel great.'


A first in it's field, this book is not a Pilates ‘recipe’ book – it is an education tool for your body. The author, Jeannie Di Bon writes: 'This book draws on my bespoke Integral Movement Method (IMM) and the benefits it can bring to everyone – from those suffering from chronic pain to professional athletes.   The book takes you through a series of exercises and learnings designed to help you move with ease, without pain.'


Embrace a life of pain-free movement.

About the author: Jeannie Di Bon is a Movement Therapist specialising in working with people with hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and chronic pain. Originally trained in Pilates, over the past decade her research and study have gone on to encompass biomechanics, anatomy, neuroscience and pain management. 

Foreword by New York Times Best Selling Author: 'There are many exercise books on the market today and we are well informed on the need and benefits to move and exercise more. This first book by Jeannie, Pilates Without Tears, came to my attention for a number of reasons. First the title caught my eye: from what I know of Pilates, this title really stood out and I was curious to learn what it meant. I have found out that this book is not the usual, traditional exercise manual – it is a lifestyle game changer'.

Product details:

Author: Jeannie Di Bon

ISBN-10: 1523694173

ISBN-13: 978-1523694174

Format: Paperback 

Language: English

Publishers: Independently published

Pages: 126

Product dimensions: 15.2cm x 0.7cm x 22.9cm

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