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Import taxes and administration fees may apply to orders after 1st January 2021.

This information relates to website, email or telephone orders placed with Redcliff-House Publications.

The UK does not charge VAT/ GST sales tax on books. Prior to Brexit, EU customers were able to benefit from this when purchasing directly from our website.  However since the UK has left the EU, some EU customers will no longer able to benefit from purchasing books tax free. The rate charged will, instead, vary by country. Some such as Ireland and Norway will continue to allow books to be imported free of tax. Others, such as Germany or France will charge at a significantly reduced rate. A few, such as Latvia, will charge their full local VAT/GST rate. You can check your local rate by clicking here.

Rates for international imports (USA, Australia etc., will remain as they have always been). For the most part, imports of books into the USA incur 0% VAT (this can be checked here). Printed material may be charged at 10% upon import into Australia, although this has rarely been found to be the case by our customers.


Before making a purchase, please check your local rate on this website, so you can make an informed choice. If your country is not listed, VAT may vary by region or state. Please check online, or with the relevant authorities before purchasing.

The tax is payable when the book is imported and will be charged by the shipping company prior to making the delivery. The tax must be paid by the customer. If this is paid promptly it shouldn't slow down the delivery of your book. If the purchase is made by a business or institution then you will be able to reclaim the GST/ VAT as you would for local purchases.

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